Privacy Policy
Last edited: May 25, 2018

We understand that your financial data is very precious to you. That's why our top priority is to keep our users' data secure and safe. This policy explains what personal information do we collect and store, and how we protect your personal information by ensuring your confidentiality, security and privacy.

1. We limit collection and usage of your personal information

The main principle we adhere to is restricting the collection and usage of your personal information. Our philosophy is the less people know about you, the more secure you are. If you are using CoinKeeper only as a client without server synchronization, we can't associate you with any person, and we don't gather users' names, addresses or social network details. In short, we don't have any information that could identify you as an individual. And we don't have any access to your in-app data before you're creating server profile. However, when using server synchronization, you do need to associate your data with a specific e-mail address. We can't avoid this since we need to provide you with the ability to restore passwords should you forget them. We will never make your email address available to third parties not bound by this policy. But all the same, please bear in mind your preferred level of confidentiality when using server synchronization.

However, in order to provide better user experience we use external analytics services (Amplitude, Flurry, Appsflyer, Firebase, iTunes Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Yandex Metrika, Google Analytics) that collect certain information about every users, such as date and time of usage, cookies, IP address, country, city, device language, phone OS and model, and mobile carrier.

Payment service we use (Cloudpayment) is collecting your card's bank name, category (i.e. Gold), type (Credit or Debit), name of the holder, first 6 and last 4 digits of card number. Note that these information is not sufficient to make payments from your card.

If you are using Bank connection feature (provided by SaltEdge) you must under the SaltEdge privacy policy express a clear consent to use SaltEdge service. We are receiving all information gathered from financial institutions (i.e. banks) you are logging in (including bank account names, balances, operations with all its data available in internet bank). We do not have you internat bank login and password.

While using CoinKeeper you are providing following personal information: names and balance of your wallets and accounts, names and budgets of your income sources, expense categories and goals, operations containing sum, accounts, income source or expense category, date, tags and notes.

When you contact customer support you may choose to submit personal information regarding a problem you are experiencing with a service. This information is processed and stored by external provider (Zendesk).

If you are using CoinKeeper whithin EU and provide us your e-mail address you will be required to express clear consent with these Privacy Policy and grant us a right to collect and store your personal information. You can refuse to do that but unfortunately you won't be able to use CoinKeeper since it is practically useless without personal data.

2. You are the one in control of your personal security

Since an e-mail address is the only link between the abstract set of data and your personality, we highly recommend you use an e-mail address that is NOT associated with your social networks accounts or your name and surname. If you decide to use your primary e-mail address, please maintain confidentiality of this e-mail address, your password and the fact that it is associated with CoinKeeper account. We recommend you to delete the welcome e-mail we sent to you after reading, and under no circumstances should you provide your credentials to any third-party. If you suspect your credentials have been obtained illegally, please immediately change your password inside the application. We can't be held responsible if someone else accesses your server profile through registration credentials obtained from you.

You may choose not to provide your e-mail address and still use all the features CoinKeeper provides including premium features but excluding syncronization with server and between different devices (since e-mail is a unique identificator for this syncronization).

3. How do we use your personal information

We only use all your pesronal information internally for the following purposes:

- to provide basic service of analizing your personal finances

- to deliver you news, updates, provide alerts, administrative notices and other types of notifications

- to analyze statistics and conduct research for product development, service improvement and feature testing

to measure or understand the effectiveness of advertising we serve to you and others, and to deliver relevant advertising to you

to verify accounts and activity, to monitor suspicious or fraudulent activity and to identify violations of Terms of Use.

- to provide customer support

4. We ensure security and provide encryption

We use all reasonable electronic and physical safety procedures to protect your information. We store your password in encrypted form so your password can't be recovered in any other way apart from the standard procedure of restoring it via your e-mail address.

5. You can delete your personal data (GDPR complience right to be forgotten)

You have the right at any time to delete his account and / or refuse to use Coinkeeper. In order to do that you should address CoinKeeper customer support via e-mail You should write this e-mail from the same e-mail address that registrered to Account you want to delete. We might ask you to provide additional information to validate your identity. After that we will completely erase all your personal data.

5. You can extract your personal data (GDPR complience right to access to information and data export)

You have the right at any time to export your data from CoinKeeper. You can do that in CoinKeeper app in Settings->Export section or request it from customer support via e-mail You should write this e-mail from the same e-mail address that registrered to Account you want to delete. We might ask you to provide additional information to validate your identity. You will receive export file in CSV format to your email.

7. Updates on privacy policy

We may update this privacy policy if circumstances change. The date of policy revision always remains on top of the page. Changes take effect immediately after posting.

8. We are here for you if you need us

Please contact if you have any questions related to information security and personal data processing